Postdoctoral Fellow Advisory Group

Terms of Reference


The purpose of this advisory group is to act as a link between the Faculty of Medicine Postdoctoral Fellows (PDFs) and the Graduate and Postdoctoral Education (GPE) office and use it as a platform to bring forth postdoctoral community voices to improve the trainee experience. The group will:

  • Advise the Associate Dean, GPE on matters relating to the PDF training and experience in the Faculty of Medicine
  • Provide insight and understanding of the solutions to the issues perceived by PDFs to enhance their trainee experience.
  • Suggest areas of improvement from a PDF perspective.
  • Liaise with Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (The Postdoctoral Fellows Office) and UBC Postdoctoral Association to encourage UBC-wide postdoctoral connection and experience.

Key Functions

  • Meet several times per year in order to discuss issues directly related to the PDFs, as well as to develop PDF-focused initiatives
  • Provide advice on key issues in postdoctoral affairs and help identify solutions to issues facing the postdoctoral community as they arise
  • Engage in event and activity planning related to professional development and mentorship
  • Help to promote the services available to postdocs and share information and events that should be promoted to the larger postdoctoral community
  • On occasion upon request, serve as representative on adjudication committees for awards/ events, other committees within the Faculty of Medicine, or other committees at the UBC level
  • Contribute to general planning and define future priorities relevant to PDFs

Membership Process and Composition

  • This advisory group is made up of ex officio (members from the GPE office) and appointed PDF members under the Faculty of Medicine. All postdoctoral fellows at the UBC Faculty of Medicine are eligible to apply for membership.
  • The committee will consist of at least 6 members, preferably with at least one representative from each of the four primary locations/sites (UBC Point Grey, VGH precinct, St. Paul’s Hospital, BC Children’s and Women’s campus).
  • All memberships will expire annually. Current members may apply to renew their membership at that time. The composition of the group will be in alignment with the Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) practices and recruitment of the new members will take place between July to September.
  • The applications will be received through Online Portal.
  • The selection process will consider the PDF’s past experience, ability to commit, and work location.
  • If a member leaves before the end of their term, we will promote the available opening to all FoM postdocs at UBC.

Term and Responsibilities

PDF appointed members typically serve for one year with the ability to renew their term.

  • The Group members would be expected to devote the required time to the role.
  • Members are expected to engage and contribute to discussions at the group meetings and other relevant activities.
  • Members are expected to act as representatives of the PDF community and reflect the views of the FoM fellows.
  • Members are expected to feedback to and seek views from their own networks.


  • The Group will most likely meet once per quarter and a minimum of three times a year.
  • Meetings will be held virtually unless there is a need for the Group to meet face-to-face.
  • Meeting agendas will be set and agreed upon and members will have the opportunity to submit items for discussion.


If you have any questions about the Faculty of Medicine PDF Advisory Group, please contact us at