Peer Mentorship Program

Program Overview

Graduate studies can be demanding, highly individualized, and frequently self-directed, leading graduate students to feel isolated. We know it can be difficult to connect with peers and find a sense of belonging in the Faculty of Medicine, in part because our students work and learn across multiple sites. Peer mentorship offers a low-pressure space for learning from each other, giving & receiving support, and feeling more at home – whether that’s at UBC, in grad school, or in the research environment. 

Research has shown that peer mentorship can significantly enhance student well-being, improve academic and psychosocial outcomes, and boost career prospects. It also plays a pivotal role in strengthening our sense of community engagement and connectedness. 

This program pairs 1st year trainees with trainees in their 2nd year or further along in their studies, in a peer mentorship model. Mentor-mentee dyads will be paired based on shared goals, research interests, and academic background. Together, dyads will discuss topics such as: 

  • Navigating your relationship with your supervisor 
  • Research topics, methods or disciplines 
  • Balancing academic and personal life 
  • Developing academic coping strategies 
  • Navigating resources and psychosocial supports at UBC  

 Joining this program is an opportunity to forge long-lasting connections and grow your professional network. 


Time Commitment

Pairs are encouraged to meet monthly or as needed. Mentors and mentees generally commit 5-10 hours from October 2023 – August 2024. Optional social events or workshops to be announced. 

Mentees are required to attend one zoom workshop on making the most of mentorship – October 19th, 12-1pm. If you cannot attend this date, please communicate that in your application, or via email.

Mentors are required to complete training modules in the form of a canvas course and a zoom workshop to better prepare to act as a mentor. The course is  designed to be completed prior to attending a workshop (approx. 45-60 minutes). Self-enroll at The zoom workshop is scheduled October 20th, 12-1pm.If you cannot attend this date, please communicate that in your application, or via email.


Benefits for Mentors 

  • Develop essential skills such as active listening, empathy, and effective communication that are indispensable in today’s competitive landscape 
  • Immerse yourself in a vibrant community of peers who share your passions and ambitions 
  • Share your wealth of experience and help 1st year trainees shape their future 


Benefits for Mentees 

  • Enhance your self-confidence, refine your leadership abilities, and learn how to navigate challenges with grace 
  • Gain access to extensive knowledge and benefit from your mentor’s practical insights 
  • Be empowered to navigate your graduate studies confidently and with all available resources at your disposal 


Sign Up 

Register by October 9th, 2023

Apply as a mentor for those who have been in a Faculty of Medicine graduate program for >1yr

Apply as a mentee – for those who are beginning a Faculty of Medicine graduate program in September 2023, or began their program less than 12 months ago 

Are you a postdoc? You may apply as a mentor, or take a look at the postdoctoral peer mentorship program! 



Contact the Wellbeing Support Coordinator, Alisha Lettman (